Digital Postman Pro 2.1


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Digital Postman combines your scanner and your e-mail program into an easy to operate digital sender system. HIGHLIGHTS - Digital Postman takes the hassle from scanning: no difficult settings to choose from, just put the document on the scanner glass and press the button. - Digital Postman is smart enough to find and interface with your own familiar e-mail program, so you can use your own address book, your own signature, your own mailing lists etc. - A scanned document is attached to the e-mail message in the form of an executable program. This program contains a small viewer, as well as the scanned image itself. The recipient can start the executable to view the original image. The viewer can also print the image, or copy it to the clipboard for use in other programs. HOW DOES IT WORK? Start Digital Postman. Put your document on your scanners platen and press Digital Postman's Scan button to have Digital Postman scan the document. Next, press Digital Postman's Send button. Digital Postman opens a new e-mail message in your e-mail program and attaches the scanned image to the message. All you have to do is select a recipient from your address book, fill in the subject line and send the message. It's easier than sending a fax! Digital Postman supports the use of Automatic Document Feeders (ADF), so sending a multi-page document is just as easy. It's even simpler to send images that are already on your disk somewhere. Just press Digital Postman's Load button. Digital Postman reads TIFF, PCX, GIF, TGA, BMP, JPEG and PNG files. REQUIREMENTS - A Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000 system. - A scanner that complies with the Twain standard (most scanners do). - An e-mail program that complies with the MAPI or VIM standard. Examples of MAPI e-mail programs: Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Outlook Express, Eudora, Pegasus Mail, Nestscape Messenger. Examples of VIM e-mail programs: cc:Mail, Lotus Notes.

Systems: Windows

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